Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gamer~ 7 out of 10

First, let me just say Mmmm. Gerard Butler. Really, I didn't care what the movie was about once I saw he was in it. "Of course we can get that one!" I said. Okay, so I did know what it was about. I'm not a guy. Geez. I don't pick movies based on what kind of eye candy they provide. But I'm not averse to having some man candy to look at just in case the movie is a dud.

Gamer is centered around an interesting concept. The idea that technology will be so advanced in the future that they'll be able to inject tech cells into your brain that will replicate and receive signals from the outside, thus enabling someone else to control your actions. Of course, they can be implanted to send signals too. This allows someone else to think of an action and you are compelled to do it. WTF?! Who would be crazy enough to do that?! Ever hear of free will people? The concept of liberty?? People died to make sure we had free choice and you're just going to turn around and hand it over??! The hell?!

Oh. I guess I totally forgot to mention that the people who opt to be controlled are considered "actors" and they're paid to hand over their free will. They act out a real life version of SIMS called "society". So not only does someone else get to pick out your clothes, your makeup, and put words in your mouth, they get to control who you sleep with. I'm pretty sure there's not enough money in the world for me to consider this a good idea.

There's also a game version which gives new meaning to the phrase "live action". The game pieces here are convicts on death row. They don't get paid, they just get a chance at freedom. Survive thirty battles and your pardon is in the mail. Sadly, no one has managed to accomplish this feat yet. (Really? Go figure). Enter Gerard. He's a badass game piece the world calls "Kable". And he's just survived battle number 28.

Of course there's one man who controls all the technology. And his name is Ken Castle (played by Michael C. Hall). He's a billionaire techno whiz with a hidden agenda. (You weren't surprised, were you?) Turns out he's modified his technology to suit his evil plan of world domination. Muahahaha. (Evil genius laugh). And he has no intention of letting our hero convict survive his thirty battles. Why? Turns out Gerard knows a thing or two about our evil genius that he doesn't want the world to know.

Enter the renegade faction called the "Humanz". They've figured out that (*gasp*) handing over your free will to someone else is probably a bad idea! (Dude, really? I didn't see that coming!) Okay, I totally did. Anyway, long story short, they find a way to bust "Kable" out, free his wife (she's an "actor" in the "society" game, and give them back their control. Unfortunately, evil genius Castle has their only daughter. I won't reveal the ending but good does win out.

Last but not least, I will give you a warning about the gross out factor. If you've ever wondered about who was on the other end of a chat session you don't want to watch this movie. One of the "controllers" in this movie is a mostly naked, seriously obese dude who eats waffles dipped in syrup while playing "society". Not a pretty picture. Oh yeah, and he controls a girl character. Kind of a double "eeew".

I know I'm poking fun at the movie, but I did enjoy it. It had plenty of action (so much I may have had to cover my eyes a time or two), a twist (even if I figured it out beforehand), and some decent acting. Oh yeah, and eye candy. Kyra Sedgewick does a good turn as a talk show host who's not buying into Castle's altruism and ends up with the renegades. Allison Lohan plays one of the rebels and does some kick ass motorcycle riding. There are other good bit performances. All in all, it was entertaining and didn't take too much thought. Sean gave it a slight higher rating than I did. Lulu rated about the same as I did. And hubby managed to stay awake through the whole thing. Which is saying something.

7 out of 10 thumbs up!


Tina said...

Love the lovely Gerard. Love the lovely Stacey! Hurray!

KT said...

mmmm, yum, i love gerard butler. My favorite movie of his was his break-through role, even though everyone has seemed to have forgotten it. And, not, it's not 300....DRUM ROLL please...Phantom of the Opera. Yup, our lovely scottish was the phantom, and yes that is his voice. To die, right?
I'm not much into having crushes on actors, but that man is definitely God's piece of work. Too bad he's so out of reach. :(
Haven't seen the movie yet, but will now.

Tina said...

Have you seen Dracula 2000?!?! Okay, not wonderful (although an interesting premise), but boy is he gorgeous in it!

Spot said...

Tina~ oh me too!! And he's got so many movies coming out! Lucky us. I saw Dracula 2000 a long time ago. Didn't realize he was in it. Rented it last night to watch with the kids this week. Thanks for bring it up!

KT~ I haven't seen Phantom of the Opera! I saw the old black & white one but I haven't seen the new one. I had no idea he was in it!! Forgot to pick it up at the Blockbuster last night...but I'll get it next week!


Angelia said...

The BEST part of this movie is Gerard Butler! The rest...oh my...imagine seeing this with your 15yr old daughter and her 16yr old boyfriend. AhhhhKward!


Hey Great review. I reviewed it too when I was keeping up with my movie/book blog which I sadly have neglected.

Tina said...

Saw this just yesterday. I enjoyed it, though it was gross. The concept was pretty disturbing. But then there was lovely Gerard, all tough and sweaty..