Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dracula Untold-- 8 out of 10

I just saw the trailer for this movie this week, but it peaked my interest and last night I dragged my husband to the movies. I really didn't know what to expect. The beginning of the movie is narrated by Dracula's son, Ingeras, which is the first bit of movie invention. In real life, Vlad had two sons and neither was named Ingeras.

The movie goes on to tell the story of why Vlad becomes a vampire, and it's actually a noble cause. But like all fatally flawed characters, it's the nobility that gets him into trouble. Wanting to save his people and his family from the turks, he risks taking on the power of a vampire. He's told he will have the strength, healing properties, shape shifting abilities, and command of the night for three nights. If he abstains from drinking human blood for those three nights, he will simply die. If he partakes of human blood, he will be forever cursed to live in darkness.

Vlad does pretty well with resisting until everything goes to shit. When the chips are down, he decides the vampire gig is the only way to get revenge.

Visually, the movie is stunning. Lots of action, beautiful scenery, and the whole shape shifting thing is pretty awesome. Historical accuracy wise, the movie is pretty damned inaccurate. But I can suspend my knowledge for a short time, to enjoy the movie. And really, if you aren't a super huge horror nerd, you probably won't notice anyway. And you might not even then, unless you're also a history nerd.

So I gave the movie 8 stars because it entertained me, and isn't that what a movie is supposed to do? I didn't glance at my phone once. My butt did not get numb. I never once wondered when the movie would be over, or pondered where we should eat dinner. I was caught up in the onscreen action. Also, the guy playing Dracula was hott, in a dark, broody sort of way. (Which is my favorite way)

But only an 8 because I was left with a lot of questions. A lot. I won't pose them all here because it would spoil the movie. But generally, I don't like to leave the theatre with a lot of questions or having caught many discrepancies. I'll let it go this time because I love vampires.

So go for the entertainment factor, but don't expect brilliance.

Happy viewing,